antibirthDirector: Danny Perez | USA | 2016 | 94 mins

Trailer dweller Lou and her best friend Sadie spend most of their nights steeped in a murky haze of pot smoke and booze-filled TV-watching sessions, venturing out on occasion to party in a desolate community full of drug-addled ex-Marines and other miscreants of society. After an otherwise normal night of self-destructive behaviour, Lou awakens with symptoms of a bizarre illness and psychosomatic visions that she can’t seem to shake. Unfazed, she continues with her hard-living ways, but it becomes clear that something otherworldly has infected her body, and try as she might, it refuses to be ignored.

Drawing on his background in experimental film and video, director Danny Perez has created an unpredictable and hallucinatory nightmare that will take you on a demented journey into the unknown.