26927802549_49bf0fbbd0_k.0Director: Sam Levinson | USA | 2018 | 108 mins

Any film that begins with an exhaustive barrage of trigger warnings for viewers on how their viewing sensibilities are about to be challenged is sure to be a intense and unforgettable experience and ASSASSINATION NATION is certainly that.

Four instagram-obsessed teenage girls are flung into the middle of a modern-day witch hunt when the town of Salem’s residents are victim to a widespread data hack, revealing a plethora of sensitive information to their friends and neighbours. As the townsfolk’s anger intensifies, self-righteous public shaming gives way to a violent mob mentality and as history dictates, Salem’s residents are quick to find a scapegoat. As the situation escalates the girls are blamed for the hacks and face the uncontrollable fury of the local population who are out for bloody vengeance.

ASSASSINATION NATION is a fiercely-contemporary thriller that plunges its audience into the troubling and murky waters of social-media morality and tackles the misogyny that permeates online culture and its participants, whilst capturing the troubling zeitgeist of contemporary America.

Screening with THE INVADERS