BEFORE DAWN (UK) – Dir. Dominic Brunt

BEFORE DAWN (UK) – Dir. Dominic Brunt

When estranged couple Alex and Meg retreat to the countryside in a last-ditch attempt to salvage their marriage, their uneasy attempt at a reconciliation is interrupted by a zombie epidemic that is spreading across the land. Any arguments and recriminations fade into the background after Meg is bitten and succumbs to the infection, which forces Alex to consider the lengths to which he’ll go to save his relationship and his wife.

Executive Produced by Marc Price (COLIN), Before Dawn combines intimate relationship drama with gruesome gore and is a triumph of new British genre filmmaking. By largely ignoring the bigger picture of the zombie outbreak and focusing solely on Alex and Meg in virtual isolation, the resulting story is even more resonant and, like every great zombie drama from Romero’s classic trilogy to The Walking Dead, it’s often the behaviour of the uninfected that turns out to be the most disturbing…

We are delighted to welcome Director/Actor Dominic Brunt and several members of the cast and crew to Celluloid Screams for a Q&A.


BEFORE DAWN trailer from Left on Vimeo.