Director: Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado | Israel | 2013 | 110 mins

In this astonishing revenge thriller, Micky, a renegade cop, is convinced that the perpetrator of a series of brutal murders is mild-mannered bible teacher Dror and sets about following him in order to force a confession (despite having been officially removed from the case.) His plan is interrupted, however, when Gidi, the grieving father of one of the murder victims, kidnaps the suspect and whisks him away to an isolated house hired for the sole purpose of extracting information, namely the whereabouts of the severed head of his murdered daughter. The pursuit of justice and bloody vengeance collide as the three men embark upon a tense standoff from which none of them are likely to emerge unscathed.

Big Bad Wolves is an expertly-crafted piece of cinema that pulls no punches in its depiction of violent masculinity, combining nail biting tension and wince-inducing scenes with moments of genuine wit and humour that only serve to intensify the film’s incendiary atmosphere.

Screening with:

EDEN (UK Premiere)
Director: Todd Cobery | USA | 2012 | 14 mins

A family of terrorists infiltrate a government bunker only to find things worse than they’d even imagined.