bliss-2Director: Joe Begos | USA | 2019 | 1hr 20 mins

Dezzy, a painter living in LA, is struggling through a severe bout of creative block. Unable to finish her commissioned work, much to the despair of her agent, she decides to cut loose and experiment with ‘Bliss’, an unknown (and untested) drug. Therein begins Dezzy’s hedonistic descension into escalating excess and self-destruction. After each night of intense partying in scuzzy rock clubs, Dezzy awakes with two overwhelming sensations: a sudden burst of creative energy, which she ferociously expels onto her canvas, and a mysterious, insatiable blood lust.
A loud, crude, restless bad trip of a film, BLISS evokes an extreme kinetic energy which is served well on the big screen. Whether viewed as a violent vampire flick or a portrait of addiction and mental illness, this blood-soaked, strobe-lit barrage of gore and sleaze demands your attention.