Cam2Dir. Daniel Goldhaber | USA | 2018 | 94 mins

Webcam performer Lola is rising through the ranks of the Freelivegirls website, much to the delight of her fanbase, who spur on her performances via the live chat. However, she suddenly finds herself locked out of her own channel, which is somehow continuing to broadcast a mysterious doppelganger version of her. What’s worse, the new Lola is breaking all her rules around what she’ll do on screen. Confused and distraught, Lola investigates this inexplicable identity theft, which turns out to be far darker than she could ever have imagined.

There’s plenty to unpack in this candy-coloured cyber-thriller; it’s a frank depiction of digital sex work with an intertwined dialogue about the perils of internet privacy and competitive social media culture, with a good dose of intrigue and synth pop.

Screening with MILK + SPECIAL DAY