CHIMERES_pic3Director: Olivier Beguin | Switzerland | 2013 | 80 mins

The vampire myth is revitalized once more in this chilling tale of fear, dependency and bloodlust. After a botched blood transfusion leaves him with tainted blood coursing through his veins, photographer Alex descends into a nightmarish void as he begins to comprehend the full extent of his new-found state. His girlfriend Livia veers from utter denial of the situation to resentment and anger until the couple come to an understanding when it becomes clear that Alex’s problem isn’t just going to go away. He needs blood, and fresh blood at that, preferably from the source…

Like Let The Right One In before it, Chimères focuses on the closer, more intimate facets of a descent into vampirism and by doing so director Beguin has created a meditative and original take on the vampire subgenre that still has the necessary bite to please fans who like their vampire flicks bloody…

We are pleased to welcome director Olivier Beguin to Celluloid Screams to introduce the film and to participate in a Q&A afterwards

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Director: Dave Jackson | Australia | 2013 | 10 mins

A young couple encounters a homeless man in a cat mask who follows them home like a stray pet. Sounds cute? It really isn’t.