Director: Renaud Gauthier | Canada | 2013 | 81 mins

New York City: the mid-70’s: Duane Lewis is a timid young man who leads an uneventful life working in a diner, until he is fatefully exposed to the pulsating rhythms of a brand-new genre of music: disco. Upon hearing this new musical sensation, Duane is gripped by an uncontrollable urge to kill and soon no dancefloor in the city is safe. Unable to control his murderous impulses that stem from a traumatic childhood experience, Duane transforms into a dangerous serial killer and travels to Montreal where his murderous reign of terror resumes.

Despite its outlandish premise, Discopath plays its action straight, combining the ice-cold aesthetics of the Italian giallo with a liberal dose of grindhouse-style griminess. Gauthier’s razor-sharp attention to detail in every single aspect of the film’s execution, from cinematography, production design and costume, right through to the expertly chosen soundtrack, makes Discopath a dazzling retro-style gem that brings Celluloid Screams 2013 to a thrilling climax.

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Director: Paul Davis | UK | 2013 | 19 mins

A murderer uses the cover of Halloween night to casually transport his latest victim from the scene of the crime to his final resting place, but an obstacle emerges in the form of a group of partygoers in awe of his costume…