1.-Come-To-Daddy_Still-1-e1557408477942Director: Ant Timpson | Canada/New Zealand/Ireland/USA | 2019 | 1hr 33 mins

Thirty-something hipster Norval Greenwood (Elijah Wood) travels to the remote beachfront home of his estranged father, with hopes of a tearful reunion at the front of his mind. Norval’s hopes of reconnection and reconciliation don’t go exactly to plan, however, when he come face to face with Brian (Stephen McHattie), the man who abandoned him and his mother three decades earlier. As they awkwardly begin to get to know one another and the alcohol flows, the real reason for inviting Norval for this long-overdue reunion becomes clear.
Celluloid Screams regulars will likely already be familiar with the work of Ant Timpson as the producer of a slew of festival hits including Housebound, The ABCs of Death 1 and 2, Deathgasm and Turbo Kid. With this, his feature debut, Timpson settles into the directors chair, showcasing his talent for combining pitch-black humour and bone-crunching violence in equal measure.

Screening with MAGGIE MAY + CREAKER