DIR_Key_Still_1Director: Adam Egypt Mortimer | USA | 2019 | 1hr 36 mins

While out trying to escape from one of his parents’ frequent arguments, troubled child Luke happens upon the aftermath of a brutal mass shooting. At the scene, he befriends fellow bystander Daniel, and the pair quickly become inseparable. Despite boosting Luke’s happiness and confidence, Daniel appears to be a bad influence and encourages Luke to engage in violent and malicious behaviour. A shocking incident involving Luke’s mother signals an abrupt end to their friendship. Years down the line, Luke attempts to confront his painful past head-on for the good of his mental health. But with Daniel waiting in the wings, his nightmare is only just beginning.

With intense central performances and an innovative, mind-bending final act, DANIEL ISN’T REAL explores themes of duality and identity while propelling you into a rabbit hole of psychological horror and fairytale-esque fantasy.