OPERA (18)

Director: Dario Argento | Italy | 1987 | 107 mins

For its 25th Anniversary, we bring Dario Argento’s baroque masterpiece back to the big screen. When insecure young opera singer Betty (Cristina Marsillach) takes on the lead role in Verdi’s Macbeth after the previous lead is injured in an accident, she is thrust into the spotlight and becomes the target of an obsessive psycho killer. As the murders escalate, Betty is forced to face a traumatic event from her childhood to stop the killing and unmask the murderer.
Argento’s style and verve for exquisitely-realized terror are plain to see in this, arguably his last truly great film. Virtually all of his cinematic traits are present here: envelope-pushing effects shots, breathtaking cinematography and a joyful glee in the depiction of brutal murder.