Deathgasm_Still01Director: Jason Lei Howden | New Zealand | 2015 | 1hr 30 mins

The unholy union between horror movies and heavy metal is firmly forged in Jason Lei Howden’s debut feature.

Teenage metalhead Brodie is sent to live with his devout Christian uncle and aunt, and soon falls foul of his jock bully cousin David. As he tries to escape the mundanity of high school life in a small town, Brodie strikes up a friendship with the rebellious Zakk, and they decide to form a band with fellow outcasts Dion and Giles. As with any under-qualified teenage metal band, they struggle to capture their ideal sound, that is until they get their hands on an unrecorded song from their death metal idol. After blasting through a rendition of the song in their garage rehearsal room, it becomes clear why the song was left unrecorded, as anyone in earshot transforms into a demon and the boys unwittingly summon an ancient evil entity known as The Blind One. In a town overrun with demons, it’s up to our metalhead heroes to save the world from a satanic apocalypse.

With a clear affection for the old-school practical gore fx of Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson and louder-than-loud heavy metal, Deathgasm demands that you bang your head or risk having it ripped off.

Screening with PORTAL TO HELL + SELFIE