HABIT Alex looking through doorDirector: Simeon Halligan | United Kingdom | 2017 | 90 mins

Manchester, the present. Michael divides his time between the job centre and the pub. A chance meeting with Lee, an introduction to her Uncle Ian, and a heavy night on the lash, lead to a job working the door at Cloud 9, a seedy massage parlor. After witnessing the violent death of one of the punters, however, Michael starts having increasingly blood-drenched dreams. Are they flashbacks or fantasies? Little by little, he finds himself being sucked into a dangerous twilight world that he doesn’t fully understand – but which he finds irresistably attractive. Addictive, even.

Gritty and gruesome, director Simeon Halligan’s third feature is a blood-soaked tale delving deep into of the underbelly of the city, where animalistic violence and savagery rule.