Director: Patricio Valladares | Chile | 2012 | 95 mins

Prepare to have your nerves shaken by this ferocious Chilean shocker, inspired by true events. Sisters Ana and Anny have endured a horrific life of forced captivity at the hands of their abusive drug dealing father, but when the girls finally expose his crimes to the authorities, they go on the run into the depths of the forest. Meanwhile, with his dealer incarcerated and unable to reveal the whereabouts of the rest of his stash, unhinged drug lord Costello dispatches his band of equally psychotic henchmen to recover the merchandise, believing fully that Ana and Anny hold the key to its location. With a world-view and life experience that begins and ends at their front door, they must fight to overcome their aggressors to finally escape their torturous situation.

This pulse-pounding suckerpunch of a film features some of the most universally despicable characters ever committed to the screen, and will challenge even the most jaded fan of extreme cinema. Part-funded by the Chilean government, HIDDEN IN THE WOODS stands defiant as a brutally uncompromising dissection of twisted family values and the newest addition to the canon of transgressive world cinema.