image-w1280Director: Yann Gonzalez | France / Mexico / Switzerland | 2018 | 100 mins

Paris, Summer 1979. Anne (Vanessa Paradis) is a ruthless producer working in the gay porn industry. When her relationship with her film editor girlfriend Lois breaks down, Anne tries to win back the affections of her former lover by embarking upon her most ambitious film yet. As soon as shooting commences, however, one of her actors is brutally murdered and it soon becomes clear that a homicidal maniac is intent on bumping off her cast one by one. Anne is soon drawn into a dangerous game to track down and unmask the killer before he can strike again.

With extreme imagery throughout and a pulsating score courtesy of French synth wizards M83, Knife + Heart is a lurid love letter to the Italian giallo and 70s exploitation cinema that wears its genre influences proudly on its sleeve. Gonzalez skilfully blends these stylistic and narrative elements with a genuine heart and affection for his characters, which gives the film a potency beyond mere homage.

Screening with MAW