little-monsters-still-1564523294850Director: Abe Forsythe | Australia/United Kingdom/USA | 2019 | 1 hr 34 mins

Chris (Alexander England) is a failed musician and lay-about who, after being dumped is forced to move in with his sister and her young son. When he meets his nephew’s kindergarten teacher Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong’o, in a role as far removed from Us as you could imagine) Chris is immediately smitten and volunteers to tag along on the kindergarten class trip to Pleasant Valley Farm to get closer to her. When they arrive, the class are delighted to discover that their idol, children’s TV personality Teddy McGiggle (Josh Gad) is also appearing, but when an unexpected zombie breakout occurs on the trip, Pleasant Valley becomes anything but pleasant. As all hell breaks loose, the group have to contend not only with the walking dead, but also an increasingly erratic and selfish Teddy, who reveals himself to be a far cry from his sickly-sweet persona on TV. As the zombie outbreak takes hold, Miss Caroline and Chris must fight to protect the children and themselves, whilst maintaining a happy-go-lucky exterior for the youngsters as the military descend to take control of the situation.

LITTLE MONSTERS is a horror comedy that’s not to be missed and a perfect end to Celluloid Screams 2019.