A brand new addition for 2013, we are proud to present our first ever allnighter!

FRANKENHOOKER (with introduction from director Frank Henenlotter)
Director: Frank Henenlotter | USA | 1990 | 85 mins

Kicking off our all-nighter for 2013, we have Frank Henenlotter’s gloriously excessive take on the Frankenstein story (with an introduction by the man himself!)… When his fiancée is killed in a freak lawnmower accident, aspiring mad scientist Jeffrey Franken decides to reconstruct her and where else to source the very best random body parts than from New York City’s streetwalkers… With help from a highly volatile superdrug, Jeffrey sets about exploding the city’s prostitutes and using the body parts to bring his beloved back to life, but when his creation rises from the slab, she’s no longer the kind of girl you’d want to take home to mother. With involuntary cries of “Wanna date?” this reanimated monster goes on the rampage and for the right price, she’ll love anyone… to death!

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GHOUL SCHOOL (World Premiere)
Director: Brook Linder | USA | 2013 | 22 mins

It’s The Breakfast Club meets Poltergeist when two students break into their high school to steal an exam, only to incur the wrath of the spirit of an ex-principal. Terror ensues.


Director: Dan O’Bannon | USA | 1985 | 91 mins

Do you wanna party? It’s party time… The classic 80s horror that put brains on the menu for flesh eaters everywhere, Return of the Living Dead unfolds when two inept employees at a Kentucky medical supply company unwittingly unleash a deadly toxic gas into the atmosphere from a stash of military barrels in the basement. After enlisting the help of a local mortician to dispose of the newly reanimated corpses, the group manage to raise the dead from the local cemetery instead and soon they and a gang of teenage punks are in serious danger as the zombie hordes arrive in search of brains.

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HAMBRE (UK Premiere)
Director: Efrain Parrilla | Spain | 2013 | 6 mins

Claudio is unemployed and spends the day with his wife, Margarita, watching gossip shows. But too much trash TV is not good for you…
Directors: Bryan Norton, Antonio Padovan | USA | 2013 | 9 mins

Jack’s favorite babysitter Elizabeth introduces him to the art of pumpkin carving on Halloween night. Nothing will ever be the same.


Director: Lucio Fulci | Italy | 1981 | 87 mins

A rare big-screen outing for this gruesome epic from Italian master of horror Lucio Fulci. After she inherits an old hotel in rural Louisiana and begins the process of restoring it, Liza Merril (Catriona MacColl) is visited by a mysterious blind woman named Emily who refers to a 4,000 year old book of prophecies that foretells that Liza’s inheritance was built on one of seven gateways to hell. One by one the workers in the hotel meet untimely and increasingly gruesome deaths, and Liza begins to question her sanity. Teaming up with a local doctor, Liza is determined to find a rational explanation for the strange occurrences in the hotel but she and the doctor are soon dragged into a surreal nightmare beyond the realm of the living from which they may never escape.

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Director: Toon Aerts | Belgium | 2012 | 14 mins

Misha, Yumiko and Chinatsu are sitting in a parked car in front of a strange motel. In the backseat they have a huge amount of test tubes filled with different substances. It’s clear that their attempted burglary didn’t go as planned…
Director: Rich Robinson | USA | 2012 | 12 mins

Groundskeeper Burke Sawyer is in a rush to save his deceased father’s soul from a menacing creature buried underground who is feeding on the corpses of Juniper Falls Cemetery.


Director: Peter Jackson | New Zealand | 1992 | 101 mins

We bring our inaugural all-nighter to a close with Peter Jackson’s ultra-gory cult classic. Anxious mummy’s boy Lionel Cosgrove is ruled over by his evil, manipulative mother, who is furious when he falls in love with a local shop girl. Determined to sabotage her son’s future happiness, Lionel’s mother follows the young lovers on a date to the zoo and is bitten by a Sumatran rat monkey. She quickly succumbs to a deadly infection and transforms into a flesh eating zombie and soon Lionel must face the undead hordes and the wrath of his monstrous mother once and for all.

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Director: Adrián Cardona, David Muñoz | Spain | 2012 | 15 mins

Jesus is always willing to lend a hand to those in need, but there are others … that will taste his fist.