Director: Don Thacker | USA | 2013 | 1hr 44 mins

What better way to kick off this year’s festival than with a hallucinatory horror comedy featuring a mass of talking fungus, voiced by the inimitable Jeffrey Combs? Ian Folivor hasn’t left his apartment in months, choosing instead to spend his days languishing in his underwear with only Kent, his ancient wood-panel television set, for company. After a failed suicide attempt, Folivor finds himself talking to a patch of disgusting mold on his bathroom wall, and when the mold talks back it transpires that this newly appointed life-coach has a plan to help him turn his life around. As a series of strange encounters with even stranger characters begins to unfold, however, Foliver begins to suspect that his fungal mentor might have more sinister and unwholesome intentions in mind. Recalling the more surreal moments of directors such as Don Coscarelli and Frank Henenlotter, Motivational Growth is one of the most unique and compelling indie films to emerge from the USA in a long time.

We are delighted to welcome Director Don Thacker to Celluloid Screams for a Q&A after the film.

Screening with

LOT 254
Director: Toby Meakins | UK | 2012 | 3 mins

A Collector discovers that a vintage cine camera bought at auction is broken. Repairing it unlocks the hidden terror of LOT 254

Directors: Tim Rutherford, Cody Kennedy | Canada | 2013 | 10 mins

In the future, a sinister conspiracy has laid waste to all video stores… except for one. An epic battle ensues as analogue and digital collide in a frenzy of kung fu, slime and VHS tapes. Featuring special effects by Astron-6 ‘s Steven Kostanski.