Director: Juan Carlos Medina | Spain | 2012 | 100 mins

In this beautifully crafted horror thriller, David, a hard-working neurosurgeon survives a near-fatal car accident, only to be diagnosed with a particular aggressive form of cancer. While searching for a bone-marrow transplant, David discovers that he is adopted and learns that his lineage stretches back to the 1930s to a group of children with a rare condition that prevents them from feeling physical pain. As he slowly uncovers the chilling fate of the children, David learns the reason why the truth about his past was kept from him for so long.

Like Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone before it, Painless uses the backdrop of Spain’s troubled and brutal history to tell a story that is poignant, constantly inventive and utterly devastating. Combining horror, fantasy and thriller elements, Juan Carlos Medina’s breathtaking debut is a haunting and tragic fable that will stay with you long after the credits have rolled.

Screening with:

Director: Robert Morgan | UK | 2013 | 3 mins

Whilst making his latest film, a stop-motion animator unleashes something rather unpleasant.

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