Paper Cuts: Alternative Horror Poster Art

Following on from last year’s debut art exhibition at Celluloid Screams, we’re pleased to announce ‘Paper Cuts: Alternative Horror Poster Art’, a month-long exhibition at The Showroom Cinema.

The brief for ‘Paper Cuts’ was simple: Sheffield artists take a classic movie screened at Celluloid Screams since 2008 and produce an alternative poster for it in their own style.

Featuring artists including Mute, Lucy Allen, Lisa O’Hara, Jonathan Wilkinson, George Law and more, tackling classic films such as Hellraiser, The Evil Dead, The Thing, Suspiria and Eraserhead, ‘Paper Cuts’ is an exciting side-bar to this year’s Celluloid Screams Horror Festival.

Join us for the exhibition launch night on Friday 28th September, where you’ll have chance to check out the unveiling of the exhibition, enjoy a drink or two and watch a selection of the best short films from last year’s festival in the Showroom Bar.

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