Director: Carles Torrens | USA/Spain | 2016 | 90 mins

Security guard Seth (Dominic Monaghan) lives an isolated existence working in an animal shelter, and after a chance meeting with old flame Holly (Ksenia Solo) he thinks he’s found his ideal woman. As Seth becomes more obsessed with Holly and his attempts to woo her fail, he takes the extreme step to imprison her in a cage in the basement of the shelter in order to give their new relationship a chance. At this point, many other films would tread the all-too-familiar narrative path of victim vs captor, but Pet throws its audience into a series of twists and turns in a plot that is both a compelling exploration of loneliness and relationships as well being a darker-than-dark romantic comedy (of sorts) that sets it apart from your average psychological thriller.


Screening with INK, COCKS & ROCK’N’ROLL