TheCorpseOfAnnaFritz-3Director: Hèctor Hernández Vicens | Spain | 2015 | 1 hr 16 mins

The death of beautiful young actress Anna Fritz sends shockwaves across the world, with fans and media mourning her sudden and unexplained demise. After she is interred at the morgue of a local hospital, Pau, a young orderly takes a photo of the actress’ lifeless body and sends it to his friends, who duly arrive to get a look at her in the flesh. Once alone inside the morgue, one of them suggest they take advantage of their situation…

What follows is a film that will challenge the sensibilities of even the most hardened viewer, and while the central plot is liable to shock, its message is a highly relevant one. The Corpse of Anna Fritz is a frighteningly contemporary horror tale that delves deep into our relentless obsession with celebrity (even in death) and all of the morally reprehensible and horrific attributes that come with it.

Screening with THE HERD