02-House_{0879c897-4415-4438-b1d2-ac448914fda1}Director: Seth Smith | Canada | 2017 | 99 mins

Still grieving from the death of her husband, artist Beth moves to a remote beach house with her young son Lowen. Her new role as a single parent brings hardship, made all the more draining by the interference of Joseph, her strange new neighbour. As Beth channels her devastation into her art, she detaches from reality. Meanwhile, young Lowen is developing a strange fixation with the ocean, and the terrifying truth about the beach gradually becomes apparent: mysterious and dark forces are watching them from the sea and are drawing ever closer.

The Crescent evokes a quiet intensity in its chilling portrait of death, grief, loneliness and isolation; a haunting dimension where the line between life and death ebbs and flows with the tide on the shoreline.

Screening with MYSTERY BOX + HANA