tragedy-girlsDirector: Tyler MacIntyre | USA | 2017 | 90 mins

Meet Sadie and McKayla, aka the ‘Tragedy Girls’. Together, they run a website devoted to true crime. Their fascination with the subject is boundless, and the girls soon find they’re no longer satisfied with merely writing about violence, and decide to embark on a more ‘hands-on’ approach. Comedy ensues as the delightfully gruesome killings end up looking like accidents, much to the girls’ frustration, as they crave recognition for their murderous prowess. As their exploits attract attention to their small town, the Tragedy Girls quickly become engulfed in the social media fame they always dreamed of – but will their relationship survive it?

Tragedy Girls is a gory and entertaining bubblegum chiller about exploitation in the digital age, friendship between sociopaths, and the dangers of heavy gym equipment.

Screening with YOUR DATE IS HERE + MEOW